Jefferson High School Class of 1974
Missing List
They existed. They are either alive, dead or in the witness protection program
but we need them anyway. This was easier when everyone had land phones. At this point everyone but the Facebook group is missing. If you see your name here, go ahead and be amused, but then please give us your latest contact data!
If you rat out your friends, we will not tell them...honest.
Recently found are in
blue please email info to: missing

Linda Alexander
Roger Anderson
Jeff Bailey
Steve Barnes
Shawn Baxter
Curt Bell
Steve Bell
Julie Bengston La May
Dave Benson
Mindy Boelkes Elder
Linda Boyles Gulotta
Terry Brogdon
Randy Bryant
Kathy Burnell Avery
Dave Carlson
Jeff Carlson
Paula Caron Sanders
John Cassell
Jan Charles
Mike Coaty
Donita Colwell Nordvall
Bill Colwell
Cindy Conzett Stenzel
Jim Crane
George Day
Debbie DeGrave Gist
Linda Dobnick Brady
Joanne Drown
Evelyn Farra Smith
Sandy Franks
Tammy Fread Scott
Gary Fulmer

Kim Garmon
Elizabeth Gill Harp
Ann Goodwin
Carl Green
Carlet Hall
Dennis Hall
Joanne Harrington Cavaness
Michelle Harris
Mary Harvey
Cathy Hawley
Mike Hester
Rosemary Hughes
Brad Hyland
Debbie Jackson
Kim Jacobson
Ralphetta Jenkins
Janis Johnson
Jackie Johnson Digiacomo
Edie Johnson Nyen
Gary Johnson
Mike Johnson
Tim Johnson
David King
Kim Kingcade
Rick Krugjohann
Linda Maddux
Mike Martineau
Mike McCarthy
Virginia McCartney Tubbyfill
Mike McFadden
Mike Medearis
Bob Mehe'ula
Felicia Misevich
JoAnne Molson Goldman
Kathy Morris
Meredith Morris
Jerry Mullenix
Richard Myatt

Karen Myers Kunkle
Dave Newman
Vicki Nystrom
Paul Ohlander
Geno Pauletto
Marvin Pearson
Denise Peoples
Diane Peoples
Jerry Perry
Stephan Peters
Terry Pickney Thompson
Gary Pierce
Valerie Powers Orlando
Della Pritchard
Terry Ragan Janeski
Maria Reyes
Beth Rose Cameron
Dena Ruggles Bina
John Scanlan
Lisa Schmidt Beebe
Mark Scudder
Diane Seifert Murphy
Bill Shull
Barb Smith
Anne Snively
Jesse Stephens
Don Stone
Stephanie Stowell Adams
Richard Turner
Bob Wenzel
Bob Whitmire
Sue Wilke
Deb Wilson Richardson
Mark Winterberg
Stan Woodard


"Real friends don't let friends stay lost!"

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